On the road from Des Moines Iowa to Hastings Nebraska, there was a random pit stop in Denmark, where we saw the famous Danish Windmill of Nebraska.  It was a refreshing change from the amber waves of grain, and yellow husks of corn.

A Quick Update

I’ve been in Seattle for about a week, since Monday night to be exact.  I’ve spent most of this time with Amanda, and then last night, on my birthday, she flew back to New York City, just ahead of Hurricane Irene.  Tonight we’re having a birthday party celebration, so if you’re in the Seattle area, and know me from more than just a great blog on the internet, come on by!

As a side note, I’m going to continue to queue up some posts for you so that way you get the full experience of this trip.  Remember, I did all the driving, so if you want a sneak peak at how the entire trip went from Amanda’s perspective, check out Amanda Across America.

At the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, we saw classic cars, fried food and funnel cake, and Rick Santorium.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any other Republicans, but we did see CNN.  As a side note, one of the hosts we were staying with helped get Mitt Romney to say that corporations are people, effectively helping kick him out of the top running in Iowa.  That made it to the Daily Show!

At the Mall of America, we say a Nickelodeon theme park, a Sea World knock off, and a food court that didn’t offer any free samples…It was disconcerting, and large.  After about an hour and a half of walking we got about halfway through, and then hit the road to Des Moines.

Stay Classy San Diego!

Currently in San Diego. Los Angeles tomorrow. Fun times!

More photos to come.

Leaving Las Vegas, like the Sheryl Crow song…

We’re leaving Las Vegas today after a whirlwind time yesterday.  We spent 5 hours walking down the strip, and then met up with my other best friend (Adam) from 21 years ago, to get a matching set of twin best friends from elementary school.  In between we caught the Bellagio fountain show, saw where the MGM lions were kept (more on that), and ate a Mirage.

San Diego, here we come!  There we’ll be reunited with my long lost record producer, Jake!

More Minneapolis pictures!

Sculpture Park in Minneapolis

Currently Camping at Rock Springs Wyoming during a long lightning storm. It’s even more beautiful than a double rainbow…

Currently Camping at Rock Springs Wyoming during a long lightning storm. It’s even more beautiful than a double rainbow…

In the Twin Cities, we stayed for a night with our good friends (originally from NYC) Rachel and Mike.  We went on a double date to the restaurant that’s a part of the famous music venue on 1st (totally spacing on the name at the moment, but it’s where everyone who’s anyone plays Minneapolis).  They decided to split the checks, and even doubled the dollars to the cents.  No wonder they call it the twin cities!